Humania Assurance – Insurance Without Medical Exam offers two disability insurance products which will meet your needs.

IWME - Income insurance

If accidental injury or illness prevents you from working, we will pay you up to $2,500 per month to cover your loss of earnings.

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IWME - Debt insurance

Up to $2,500 per month to cover your financial obligations in the event of disability.

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No benefit for life insurance is payable during the 12 or 24-month period following the effective date of this coverage if death results from a pre-existing condition. In such instances, the Insurer’s liability shall be limited to a refund of the premiums paid and the policy will terminate with no further value.

A pre-existing condition is an injury, a sickness or a condition that manifests during the 12 or 24 months prior to the effective date of the policy. For a complete definition, please refer to the specimen policy document.